Thursday, April 9, 2009

Microsoft Word and Excel open slowly

To resolve the issue with Microsoft Word and Excel opening slowly follow the steps below.
  • go to Control Panel, Folder Options, File Types
  • scroll down to and select DOC (for Word files) or XLS (for Excel files)
  • click Advanced
  • select Open entry
  • click the edit Button
  • Now uncheck "Use DDE"
  • put your cursor in the Application box
  • arrow all the way to the right and put in "%1" (include the quotemarks)
  • if there is /dde remove it
  • then OK you way out

You should now be back to working normally.


  1. thank you so is so much better now.

  2. This tip worked very well. An explanation of what this is doing and why it works would be nice.

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