Sunday, June 13, 2010

Convert AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer Favorites

I found that converting AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer Favorites isn't an easy process. Fortunately I came across an easy way to make the conversion after much searching. Below is the process.

What you first need to do is export your favorites from within AOL.

1 - Go to Favorites > Favorite Places > Save/Replace

2 - Save the file to your computer. A good place would be your desktop or My Documents.

Note: The file you save will have a .pfc extension

After you save your AOL Favorites to your computer go to the linkaGoGo Convert Bookmark File utility

1 - The input format should be set on AOL 8 or 9 Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC)

2 - The output format should be set on Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you're using)

3 - Click the Browse button to find the .pfc file you exported from AOL

4 - Click the Convert button and you'll be prompted to save a bookmarks.html file. A good place would be your desktop or My Documents.

Now you're ready to Import the bookmarks in Internet Explorer

1 - Open Internet Explorer and click File > Import & Export

2 - Click on Next

3 - Choose Import Favorites. Click on Next.

4 - Choose Import from a File or Address, Browse for the bookmarks.html you saved from the linkaGoGo site and click Next.

Your AOL Favorites should now appear in Internet Explorer.


  1. Is there a limit on how many favorites you can have on IE? I have 2 screen names on AOL with many favorites, will only let me import one of them. The first did just fine, but the second one only shows 2 folders with mutiple subfolders on the first folder, but not hardly any on the other. On the converter, I clicked on open in the browser and they all showed up. But not there if I try to import them into IE Favorites. I even created a separate folder under IE Favorites and it still didn't work. Please help these are my deceased husbands' favs, and they have tons of useful info that I need.

    Any help would be appreciated,
    Thanks, Carol

  2. At I found this comment: Bruce Hooper (August 7, 2011)

    I talked to Microsoft, and their solution was to go to Internet Options in the Tools on IE9. Select the Advanced tab and down toward the bottom select Reset. You are then required to close and reopen IE for this to work. Unfortunately, it doesn't last too long, before you have to do it again in order to add more Favorites.

  3. I have spent hours loooking for a way to print out my wife's darn AOL Favorites. Your advice here worked in about 10 seconds converting it to html and then printing!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Theres so much bad advice out there and yours works!!!

  4. Awesome ! Thanks so much for this. A great time saver

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  12. Kudos to you!
    Your advice helped me move my AOL Favorites to Google easily. - Thanks!

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