Monday, February 7, 2011

Ubuntu Customization

To add effects run the command below:

sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins compiz-gnome compiz-core emerald compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra fusion-icon compizconfig-settings-manager

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blank Screen with Blinking Cursor

This is not a pretty site. After trying to boot your pc all you see is a blank, black screen with a white, flashing cursor in the upper-left corner. Below are the steps I took to resolve this issue in Windows 7 (should work in Vista as well, not sure about XP).

-Enter the Recovery Console (boot from the Vista/Win7 dvd, system repair, command prompt)

-Type both commands below at the command prompt:
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr

-Exit the Recovery Console and reboot

That most likely has resolved the issue and the pc will now boot normally. If not you may also have to enter Safe Mode and disable UAC.