Friday, August 24, 2018

Browser & Search Engine alternatives for better Security & Privacy


Have you noticed that once you search for an item or topic in your internet browser you start seeing ads related to those items in your browser, social media, etc. ? You're not alone. Many browsers and search engines provide free services....but with hidden costs in the form of tracking our internet activities for marketing purposes. If this concerns you then you'll be pleased to know there are alternatives to keep your activities private and secure.

Online marketers abuse advertising by tracking a person's online activities and inserting files and super-cookies into their browses. Ads can be very disruptive to your productivity as a result. An alternative browser that will keep your browsing secure and private is Brave ( It has been developed by the co-founder of Mozilla (Firefox) and is designed to block ads and trackers to keep your browsing activities private. Brave's commitment is appealing to users who want to get rid of those annoying and intrusive advertisements and those who value privacy. 

In order to keep your search engine activity private it is recommended to use a search engine committed to your privacy such as DuckDuckGo ( It doesn't store your personal info, doesn't follow you around with ads, and doesn't track your activities.

These two great alternatives to the mainstream options can be a winning combination in beating the war on privacy.  They play together nicely. The first step to taking control would be to install Brave and within the browser settings you can make DuckDuckGo the default search engine.