Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outlook 2007 Calendar Freezes

This fix removes the To-Do Task list from the Calendar view so that it no longer freezes.

-open Outlook, click Tasks under Current Mailbox, on the far-upper right you'll see a To Do Bar with a small calendar. Click YESTERDAY'S date on that small calendar to open the calendar without it crashing.
-Then click 'View' at the top of the screen, 'Daily Task List' and 'Off' - that will remove the Task List view from your calendar.

Close Outlook and reopen. Try accessing your calendar to see if it behaves normally.

Home Folders map incorrectly

I came across this fix that resolved our issues with Home Folders not mapping correctly or completely.

Turn off Fast Logon Optimization:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

If that alone doesn't resolve the issue then also configure the pc to Run Logon Scripts Synchronously:
In GPO Enable (Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates ->System->Scripts->Run logon script synchronously

**If you don't see these Administrative Templates then right-click Administrative Templates under User Configuration and click on Add/Remove Templates. Then click Add and make sure you're in c:\windows\inf. Choose at least system.adm. Click Open and then Close to add those files to your GPO editor.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Convert AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer Favorites

I found that converting AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer Favorites isn't an easy process. Fortunately I came across an easy way to make the conversion after much searching. Below is the process.

What you first need to do is export your favorites from within AOL.

1 - Go to Favorites > Favorite Places > Save/Replace

2 - Save the file to your computer. A good place would be your desktop or My Documents.

Note: The file you save will have a .pfc extension

After you save your AOL Favorites to your computer go to the linkaGoGo Convert Bookmark File utility

1 - The input format should be set on AOL 8 or 9 Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC)

2 - The output format should be set on Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you're using)

3 - Click the Browse button to find the .pfc file you exported from AOL

4 - Click the Convert button and you'll be prompted to save a bookmarks.html file. A good place would be your desktop or My Documents.

Now you're ready to Import the bookmarks in Internet Explorer

1 - Open Internet Explorer and click File > Import & Export

2 - Click on Next

3 - Choose Import Favorites. Click on Next.

4 - Choose Import from a File or Address, Browse for the bookmarks.html you saved from the linkaGoGo site and click Next.

Your AOL Favorites should now appear in Internet Explorer.