Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outlook 2007 Calendar Freezes

This fix removes the To-Do Task list from the Calendar view so that it no longer freezes.

-open Outlook, click Tasks under Current Mailbox, on the far-upper right you'll see a To Do Bar with a small calendar. Click YESTERDAY'S date on that small calendar to open the calendar without it crashing.
-Then click 'View' at the top of the screen, 'Daily Task List' and 'Off' - that will remove the Task List view from your calendar.

Close Outlook and reopen. Try accessing your calendar to see if it behaves normally.


  1. Tried Many Fixes but nothing worked. This does solved my problem. Thanks a lot for the support.

  2. "Click YESTERDAY'S date" - brilliant. Just helped me get a colleague out of a jam.

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